The Culminata sculpture on UNI's campus

From the Editor

Dear alumni and friends of the university,

There was a collective sigh of relief when midnight rang in the New Year. Each of us struggled in our own ways throughout this past year just to survive each day’s set of new challenges. The struggle is real but so is our strength. As the calendar page turned, 2021 gave us hope for a better tomorrow.

UNI is making better tomorrows possible. Students arrive on campus with ideas of who they want to become and how they want to leave their mark in the world. UNI faculty and staff are there ready with the challenges and supports necessary for each individual to grow in the ways they seek. With each student, potential is kindled. UNI graduates leave the institution transformed and ready to positively impact the world.

This sculpture aptly named, Culminata, is a visual representation of how UNI supports students through their academic journey. The bottom form of an open book provides that foundation for growth as individuals embark on a quest for knowledge. The columnar form of the sculpture signifies the library as the backbone for the university by which to grow. The stair-stepped book forms hint at challenges one may face on their way to flourish at the top “flame” element.

We meet each challenge with adaptability and ingenuity ensuring a path to a brighter future. This issue will highlight the critical challenges we continue to face. COVID-19 persists, pushing us to rethink how we teach, learn and engage. Social justice and inequities continue, yet are slowly dismantled through intentional work to combat educational debts.

Persistence. Adaptability. Achievement. We will continue to build our better tomorrows together.

Purple for life!

Leslie Prideaux
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations
President, University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association

Leslie Prideaux



Pictured at top:

Commissioned by: University of Northern Iowa, Rod Library renovation
Produced by: UNI Public Art Incubator
Donors: Satch and Karen Mukai