Looking westward from the belfry of the Campanile.

From the Editor

A new perspective

The Campanile stands proudly at the center of campus, commanding the attention and admiration of all who pass. Alumni and friends are pulled to this monument commemorating the past while contemplating the future. Standing at its base, I often think about how times have changed from the laying of its first brick to today. Though the foundation and structure are steadfast, time moves forward leaving indelible effects on our lives. Perpetual change and need for adaptation filled 2021. The past two years have highlighted the crucial need of an educated and engaged citizenry.

Instead of looking up, revering the structure, I am taking a look out at what reverberates from this phenomenal campus. UNI beckons curious learners — those seeking the skills and knowledge to improve the world around them. UNI envelops these students, guiding and nourishing their curiosities and desires. Faculty and staff walk alongside, partners in their respective journeys.

I view the Campanile as a representation of the positive impacts UNI has on our communities. Our students and alumni take the skills and knowledge gained here and put them to use improving the world around them. So next time you are on campus standing at the base of the Campanile, take a minute to consider the success stories originating from this wonderful university.


Leslie Prideaux
Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations
President, University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association

Leslie Prideaux