UNI strengthens commitment to entrepreneurship with marketing department name change

The College of Business Administration reaffirmed its commitment to encouraging and educating future entrepreneurs by changing the marketing department’s official name to the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Coursework for the entrepreneurship program consists of both classroom and real-world business application, such as the financial aspects of a startup, business models, growth strategy planning and more. Students are able to partner with local businesses to assist the owner in identifying possible growth opportunities within their business. Another area on campus that received a name change is the Department of Communications. The name has officially changed to the Department of Communication and Media in order to reflect the growth and success of the digital media major program. The department’s media programs include majors in digital media, with emphases in journalism, leadership, and production and interactive digital studies. Both prograams have nationally acclaimed faculty and high placement rates for graduates, with nearly 550 undergraduates enrolled in the program.

Curris Business Building