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UNI Magazine is published once a year by the UNI Alumni Association
to bring you features on alumni, faculty, students, as well as arts & 
literature and current topics.

Inside this Issue

Leslie Prideaux

Working to make certain all of our alumni have college memories that are positive and inspiring.

Roger Maxwell

UNI works to build an inclusive community we are all proud to call home.

Jessie Heims throws the discuss at UNI

UNI student-athlete Jessica Heims is on course for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The bells of the Campanile

A living testament to UNI history.

A sculpture is installed at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

A conduit between communities and artists, the UNI Public Art Incubator serves up a unique program.

The Fortepan Iowa website

Creating a digital archive of our collective history — one picture at a time.

Laptop illustration with UNI's superintendent cohort meeting virtually

The UNI superintendency program provides future leaders with the coursework, connections and context to prepare them to lead.

Tim Sullivan

50 years after being forced out of UNI for being gay, one man returns to campus to share his experience living through one of the most turbulent times for the LGBTQ community.

Pie on the counter at Try Pie

Alums at the helm of a Waterloo nonprofit offer high schoolers a slice of experience.

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